Saturday, September 27, 2014

Invitation to a Bathroom

My new bathroom is so inviting I took a selfie in the mirror.

The bathroom in the 1890 house probably was originally a hall room--meaning, a room on the second floor at the end of the hall, too small to use for much of any thing. Previous owners had converted it to a bathroom but with lackluster finishes. It looked like an afterthought, and an overcrowded, uninteresting one at that.

My solution was white tiles--subway tiles for the walls and shower--the tub had to be cut in two to be removed--and octagonal tiles for the floor. I'm going with shades of teal throughout the house, and in the bathroom I wanted just a whisper of color above the tiles. There's a huge medicine cabinet, mirrored inside and out, increasing the light to the space.
Subway tiles look clean and shiny and seem to expand the space.
The top of the dresser is a scrap of Carrara  statuary marble from the stone yard.
The ceiling fixture adds a touch of elegance.
Just opposite it is a window. Yes, a big, full length window right next to the toilet. This necessitated some kind of covering even though that window has a beautiful street and treetop view. Nice to look out of, but a bit uncomfortable with the thought of those who might be able to look in. A simple Martha Stewart number from J.C. Penney serves the purpose of privacy pretty well.  I am so delighted with my new bathroom I hope you'll come by to see it sometime!
A white curtain was necessary for privacy.

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