Thursday, January 30, 2014

Too Many Blogs

I may be the only one who knows I have three blogs, and that I switch from blog to blog at my will. This one is focused on my life now, my life in New Paltz, NY, but the other two still contain some pretty interesting posts on events in other places I have lived. They are not all chronological, but for the most part I stopped posted on "Finding Myself in Hoboken" when I moved away from there in 2012.

You would think I would have gone back to that blog to cover the political situation in recent weeks. I knew Dawn Zimmer, that is, I voted for her and followed her odd success during the time I lived in Hoboken. I say odd because it was known by the population at large that Hoboken was the kind of town with a government that would cooperate with anybody just to get a job done. There is no question in my mind that any of the people running against Dawn--all of whom vowed to end the local political corruption--would have done what she refused to do, promise the Christie people anything they asked for so that the Sandy-Aid money would go to Hoboken sooner rather than later. I have watched her from here, delighted that she is true to form. Innocent, trusting, earnest, and hardworking. How that situation will play out we shall see in coming months.

But I didn't post again on the Hoboken blog after I left, except when I was in promotion mode for my book That Was Tomorrow, which has a few chapters set in old Hoboken.

I'll be going to Fairhope for a month, the location of my blog "Finding Fair Hope." In other years when I returned for visits I posted on that blog, with pictures sometimes and commentary on events of the town.

When I think of it, where I post doesn't matter much to anybody but myself. I have posted less and less frequently and realize it's time to assume that one blog is enough. So even though I'll be in Fairhope, Alabama, escaping the cold for the month of February, I'll post my Fairhope notes here. The old blogs will still exist in cyberspace. I've done some interesting writing on both of them, if I do say so myself, and may occasionally link to them on Facebook or elsewhere. Sometimes I'm nostalgic for something I've already written about and I troll by own blogs to see what I said. I can't help it, I'm rather proud of some that I've posted and hope the posts will be discovered by people looking for a topic on the Internet.

If you're intrigued, go to the links on this post and check out those old blogs. I cover an amazing range of subjects and voice opinions on some surprising things. And bookmark this blog so you can check out what I might be commentating or opining about in the future. 


  1. I have always enjoyed all three, but it must be so much work. I will continue to follow you here. And still be able to poke about in the others.

  2. Glad to have readers, particularly those who comment! Thanks Steve--I think I'll get back to work now that I only have ONE place to work!

  3. First visit and enjoyed! Will add link to my check-it-out-regularly list.

  4. Looks like I'm gathering a little momentum here...good! Welcome Hilary!