Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting It Ready

Phase One was making the move--packing, camping in the midst of my stuff, mostly in cartons, until the apartment was ready. Now I'm just about at the end of Phase Two, which is, moving into the new apartment and placing my furniture and artwork around the walls. I've  hung some art, arranged some favorite pieces of furniture, and started replacing pieces I sold or gave away long ago.

A new rug pulls the furniture, mis-matched and of different vintage, together to look as if their purchase was planned. A designer once told me that if you pick only things you like, they will work together because they'll all be at the same level of taste--your own. I'm counting on that as the only word for my style is eclectic. There are antiques and mid-century modern pieces, and even the art is from different periods of my life and different schools. Because of my long life, my stuff is my biography--and it's a pretty complex one.

Years ago I had a round oak somewhat-antique dining table. I sold it before I moved to Hoboken, in the orgy of yard sales, giveaways, and general purge of that big move in December 2007. I haven't had a dining space since, but now I do again, and it seemed the perfect place for one of those tables.
 It's a little rickety for a kitchen work surface, but it looks right and it's now awaiting a few more chairs so I can serve someone on it. The place is beginning to feel like home.
At last I have an office, even though it is half of my second bedroom. I can do some work here.


  1. Thrilled to see your new digs - you've made it into a comfy home. Hope you have lots of good times there.

  2. I just love the designer's advice to you, I'm taking it and putting that one in my pocket. My taste is like yours too Mary- eclectic and now I see the ramshackle bits around here tell a bit of a story about my life. I'm so glad you are settling in well and I can't wait to see what kind of work comes out of that desk! Oh, and CUTE STUFF!

  3. I finally located you in the blogcosmos and was/am delighted to read that New Paltz hasn't spoiled your produce. From Fairhope to Hoboken to New Paltz, your voice remains strong even if your lieu de guerre remains questionable– I can't wait to hear the PC euphemism for denizens of New Paltz.

    Upon finding your new "space in space" and seeing your topic headings coupled with the current photos of your new digs, "Too Good to be True" leapt off the page as an hommage to the perfect apartment. At least that 's what went through my head before Manti and Lance put me back on the straight and narrow. "That ML," I thought to myself. "If anyone deserves a living space too good to be true, it's her." I'll hold that thought high in hope that it exceeds all expectations.

    1. As you know when something is described as too good to be true, it probably is--as we found out about Lance Armstrong and as Manti Te'o found out about an Internet love object. But my apartment has a happy vibe and I'm enjoying it. Glad to hear from you. Maybe we'll talk this weekend.